eHarmony, the number one trusted online dating site founded in the year 2000. The site is running successfully till date. Millions of people of all ages, national origins, ethnicity, and religious and political beliefs get their life partners after coming on the eHarmony site. The site is totally perfect for those who are single and searching online for a soul mate.

To join harmony is totally free but with limited features. If you wish to access all the features of the site, then you can also go to their membership plans. You can cancel the eHarmony subscription at any time when you feel that your purpose gets fulfilled or you need no longer.

Canceling eHarmony subscription is very simple. The criteria of canceling totally depend upon how you have purchased the subscription.

In this post, we have listed all the ways through which you can cancel your eHarmony subscription.

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How Do I Cancel my eHarmony Subscription?

Cancel Subscription Through Web

Follow the below steps to cancel the subscription through the web:

  • Open the official website of Eharmony.
  • Enter your login credentials to log in.
  • Once logged into your account, click on the profile picture located at the top right corner.
  • Now Select Account Settings from the drop-down list.
  • Click on the Billing tab.
  • Scroll down until you see the Subscription. Click on that.
  • In the Subscription section, you will get all the information about which subscription is active right now, when your subscription will renew, when your last subscription payment was, and when your subscription gets to expire.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you see Cancel My Subscription, click on that and follow the instructions accordingly.
Cancel Subscription Via Email:

You can also cancel the subscription by dropping an email on their customer support email. Follow the below steps while sending an email.

  • Make an email with the subject “Cancel My Subscription”.
  • Please add your account information in the email.
  • Send that email to
  • Now, wait for the confirmation email from eHarmony.
  • Typically, they respond within 24 hours, but in some cases, it takes more time. So keep patience and wait for their reply.
Cancel Subscription Through iTunes or Apple Store

Have you purchased the subscription through iTunes or Apple store, then you need to cancel or turn off the automatic renewal subscription by visiting on App Store. Follow the below steps for canceling or turn off automatic renewal subscription on iTunes or App store:

  • Open the Settings of your iOS device.
  • Now tap “iTunes & App Store“.
  • Click on your “Apple ID” and select “View Apple ID“.Enter your Apple ID password to log in. If you already signed in then you don’t need to enter.
  • Now tap Subscription for the latest version of iOS and tap Manage subscription for the older version of iOS.
  • Find the eHarmony from the Subscription that you manage, and tap on it.
  • Now Scroll down, there you will find the “Subscription Status” section.
  • Tap on the Cancel Subscription and confirm it.

Note: If your device has an older iOS version, then slide the “Auto-Renewal” to “off “position.

Final Conclusion: We hope after reading this post you will get to know about how to cancel the eHarmony subscription. If you experience any kind of difficulty while canceling your eHarmony subscription then contact the customer care team. They will help you in a better way.

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